Estate Design Service

It’s easy to think of writing a will as merely a legal process. But we as Christians should understand it as both a legal and a spiritual process. It’s an act of stewardship that should reflect our faith and acknowledge God’s ownership.

With this approach in mind, we offer our skills and expertise in a complimentary Estate Design Service. Our Will & Trust Planning Ministry is a gift to you as a friend of Dallas Theological Seminary and comes without cost or obligation.

How it works

We will help you consider your personal legacy and attain your goals in a meaningful and God-honoring way.

Simply schedule a meeting with Guy Burgo, our expert in the field of Biblical estate design, and together you’ll discuss your loved ones, assets, and goals. Guy will work with you to prepare planning options for your consideration.

Benefits of using this service:

  • Working with trusted friends that you know.

  • No cost or obligation.

  • We lay out steps and get the process started.

  • There is a theological foundation for the process, using principles from the Bible to guide the process, help to inform decisions, and make it a “spiritual process.”

  • We’ll help you stay organized by taking an inventory of your people and organizations, property, plans or wishes, and professional advisors and create a blueprint to accomplish your needs.

  • We can define terms and explain legal concepts, especially those that apply to the particular individual or family.

  • For those wanting to include charity in their plans (Dallas Theological Seminary or other), show them easy and efficient ways to do so with minimal “trade-off” to family heirs.

  • We can recommend a local attorney, if needed.

  • We’ll follow up to ensure ongoing momentum and eventual completion of the plan.

Schedule a Time to Talk with Guy

Your Expert Guide

Guy Burgo

Gift & Estate Design Specialist

Guy has spent most of his career in the nonprofit arena with a focus on Bible-based estate planning. Prior to joining Dallas Seminary Foundation, he served seven years as Vice President of Gift & Estate Design Services at Orchard Alliance, and seventeen years as President of Planned Giving Ministries.

He has worked with over 150 ministries and
churches nationwide, including Prison Fellowship, National Day of Prayer Task Force, Compassion International, Biola University, Teen Challenge, FamilyLife, Insight for Living, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and Mission Aviation Fellowship. The author of Free to Give as God Intended: A Biblical Look at Christian Giving, Guy is also an ordained minister with a passion to help Christians steward well that which God has entrusted to them.

Over the years, he has helped over 2,000 families design their wills utilizing guidance from God’s Word. Guy and his wife, Kimberly, have been married 33 years and live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. They love spending time with their grandchildren as well as camping and ATV riding. Guy also enjoys woodworking and fixing anything that breaks.

The Estate Design Service is not a substitute for an attorney or other professionals, a ready-to-sign document, a comprehensive estate plan, or a method for directing your decisions. Rather, it is a valuable resource that allows you to consult with our experienced advisors as you learn of planning options you likely will not hear elsewhere, rounding out the guidance you receive from others.
It also invites you to engage with God in the planning process. It will provide you with a “blueprint” or memorandum, outlining planning options that you can use to work with your attorney and other advisors on your team.