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Tax-saving Benefits of Charitable Gift Annuities

The Efficiency of
Giving Stock

Gifts of Grain
and Livestock

The Donor Advised Fund: Part 1

Providing Flexibility for Charitable Bequests

Estate Design Service

The Donor Advised Fund: Part 2

The Donor Advised Fund: Part 3

The Letter of Instruction

Pitfalls to Estate Planning Success

Who Should Direct the Charitable Giving?

Understanding the AGI Deduction Limits

Natacha’s Story

Easy Come, Easy Go

Planning for the 60% AGI Charitable Deduction Limitation

Charitable Deduction Limitations and the “Deduction Stretch Charitiable Gift Annuity”

Using Real Estate to Advance the Gospel

Testamentary Spendthrift Charitable Gift Annuity

Getting Started with Your Will: The Four “P’s” of Estate Planning

Itemizing vs. the Standard Deduction

The “Give it Twice” Trust

How to Find Room in Your Will for Your Ministries

Six Easy Ways to Include Your Ministries in Your Will

Five Common Mistakes When Taking Qualified Charitable Distributions from Your IRA

Converting a Charitable Remainder Trust to a Charitable Gift Annuity

IRS Guidance for Arranging and Reporting Qualifiede Charitable Distributions from an IRA

Biblical Foundations Articles

Stewarding Our Gifts for
His Glory

Every Good and Perfect Gift is From Above

Does God Need Our Money?

Joy in Participating in
God’s Plan

Excelling in the Grace of Giving

Jesus, Our Example in Giving

A Cheerful Giver

Seeds of Generosity

The Blessing of Giving

Stewarding God’s Resources

God is Generous


How much is enough?


God’s Needs

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Heavenly Treasure

What Are You Doing with Your Dash?

Choose Your Master

Fundraising in the Bible

Our Hearts and Our Priorities

Giving and Receiving


Rewards – Part 1


DTS Stewardship Chapel: Paradigm Shift. October 22, 2020

Table Podcast: Theology of Stewardship. January 18, 2021

Business Owner Webinar: Business as Charitable Engine. September 22, 2021

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How to Extend Your Impact Beyond Your Lifetime


DSF DAF Account Establishment Packet


Electronic Transfer Instructions for Stock Gifts

Sample Codicil

Bequest Intention Form


Sample Letter for Charitable Distribution from IRA


Create a Scholarship Fund


Estate Inventory Worksheet


DTS Scholarship Program


Estate Distribution Instructions (Individual)


Estate Design Service Brochure


Estate Distribution Instructions (Couple)

Your Giving Toolkit

Gifts from Donor Advised Funds

Sample Language for Your Will or Trust

Sample Beneficiary Designation

Sample Codicil

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