Scholarship Gifts

The Scholarship Program at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) provides tuition aid and other financial assistance for Dallas Theological Seminary students from the United States and around the world. The DTS Scholarship Committee selects qualified candidates for scholarship awards based on their financial need and other requirements as established by DTS and the terms of scholarship agreements established by donors.

Students often face great financial pressure during graduate studies, and many students do not have the support of their families to study God’s Word and prepare for ministry. While the seminary strives to keep tuition rates low, graduate level education is costly. Most students work at least part time while trying to balance work, study, family life, and ministry commitments. When they graduate their income will likely continue to be modest.

By contributing to a DTS Scholarship Fund you not only reduce the financial burden a student bears, you make an investment into the Word of God and lives of pastors, women’s ministry influencers, and missionaries worldwide. Your gift to a new or existing scholarship affords students both the support and the encouragement to start and finish seminary so they can pursue the ministry to which God has called them.

There are a number of different types of scholarships to consider, all of which are very important to DTS students. You may choose to establish distinct funds and name them in honor or memory of someone, or you may wish to contribute to a variety of General Scholarship funds. Following is a brief description of some of the Scholarship options.

Named Current Scholarship

Distributes an annual award using all or a designated portion of the principal and earnings each year. Current Scholarships are usually funded on an annual basis.

  • A minimum gift of $1,500 and an annual commitment for at least five years is required to establish a Current Scholarship.
  • No fees are charged to establish or administer a Current Scholarship.

Named Endowed Scholarship

Distributes an annual award at a rate that is designed to preserve the principal of the scholarship fund and its purchasing power in perpetuity.

  • A minimum gift of $25,000 is required. A donor may build the fund to $25,000 through smaller gifts; however, distribution will not occur until the fund reaches $25,000.
  • There is no cost to establish an Endowed Scholarship, but a small fee is assessed quarterly to cover the cost of investment management and administration.
  • The principal is invested and a portion of the investment value is distributed each year (currently 5%).

There are also numerous types of General Scholarship Funds that do not require a commitment of a minimum dollar amount. These are open for contribution at any time and are available for award to qualified students for every school term.

International Scholarship Fund

Students from other countries face distinct challenges. Often international students are not permitted to obtain employment in the United States except on the DTS campus. Most cannot work enough hours to offset tuition and living expenses. Supporting international students through this fund allows donors to impact students to reach their countrymen for Christ.

Minority Scholarship Fund

Dallas Seminary makes an effort to provide significant funding each year to qualified American-born minority students. Whether pastor or writer or musician, minority students seek theological training to perfect and sharpen their ministry effectiveness. Your gift to the minority fund serves to ally with minority students in need of financial help during their season of training.

General Scholarship Fund

American students of all ethnicities make up over half the student body. Most have financial needs and pressures just as much as internationals and minority students. Friends of DTS who give to the general scholarship fund may be supporting a student who will become their own pastor, children’s leader, or missionary, a few years down the road.

Give to an Established Scholarship

The Foundation currently manages a number of established scholarships. Some are very general, while others have more specific criteria, such as students pursuing PhD studies, both American and international; students in various departments (New Testament, Old Testament, or Counseling); students with certain ministry goals (chaplaincy, overseas service, or discipleship in the business community). Anyone can contribute to any of these and other scholarship accounts. If you have a certain area of interest, the Foundation can help direct your scholarship giving to that area.

Create Your Own Scholarship Fund

The Foundation will assist you in developing a Scholarship Fund or directing your giving in a way that meets your desires for supporting men and women who wish to be formally trained to impact the world for Christ. Complete the form below and send it to to get started.

The Impact of Your Giving


could sustain our mission on a monthly basis.

An ongoing gift of this size could provide critical resources for equipping servant-leaders to proclaim the Gospel and build up the body of Christ around the world.


could create a lasting legacy.

A legacy gift at this level could ensure Dallas Theological Seminary continues to shape the lives of students in Jesus’ name, creating a lasting impact through a shared mission of service.


could give a student the opportunity to learn and share the Gospel.

A gift of this size could help fund a scholarship, enabling a theological student to study the entirety of the Bible and share its lessons with others.

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