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Together we help shape the lives of our students in Jesus’s name, creating a lasting impact through our shared mission of service.

As a Dallas Theological Seminary supporter, you equip servant-leaders to change lives with the Gospel. You can support DTS in a variety of ways with a gift that makes an impact now or a gift that will create your enduring legacy of advancing His Kingdom

The Impact of Your Giving


could sustain our mission on a monthly basis.

An ongoing gift of this size could provide critical resources for equipping servant-leaders to proclaim the Gospel and build up the body of Christ around the world.


could create a lasting legacy.

A legacy gift at this level could ensure Dallas Theological Seminary continues to shape the lives of students in Jesus’ name, creating a lasting impact through a shared mission of service.


could give a student the opportunity to learn and share the Gospel.

A gift of this size could help fund a scholarship, enabling a theological student to study the entirety of the Bible and share its lessons with others.

Together we are proclaiming the Gospel and building up the body of Christ around the world.

A smiling portrait of Chuck Swindoll.

“My greatest fear for our church, or any church, for that matter, is erosion. Theology gives any ministry its solidity. My training in theology at Dallas Seminary has been invaluable to me!”

Chuck Swindoll
DTS Chancellor & Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church, Frisco, TX

“To be prepared for ministry, [one] ought to look seriously at Dallas Theological Seminary because of its theological accuracy, its belief about the Bible, its theological distinctives that are unique to Dallas Seminary from a dispensational perspective, its high view of Scripture inerrancy, and then its encouragement for dynamic participation in ministry. You put that package together, and it makes it a unique place for any student who wants a unique ministry.”

Tony Evans
A smiling portrait of Tony Evans.
A smiling portrait of Andy Stanley.

“I think my foundation at Dallas Seminary gave me a theological grounding that allowed me to distinguish between what I believe and how I approach ministry. I draw from those classes to this very day, both in terms of teaching and just in terms of how I think.”

Andy Stanley

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