Your Impact

When you support Dallas Theological Seminary, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:

Ministry Training

Your support allows DTS to produce Bible expositors who are qualified to serve God effectively as pastors, missionaries, or leaders in other areas of vocational Christian ministry.

Through our comprehensive training programs, DTS prepares men and women to serve as chaplains in ministries of care, train for Christian leadership roles, enhance the ministries of worship leaders by providing biblical and theological insight to the arts, and much more.

See how alumnus, Alastair Howie, used his DTS education in ministry to impact lives as a chaplain in the corporate world.

Biblical Scholarship

Thanks to supporters like you, DTS offers a complete program in Old and New Testament studies so that the next generation of believers can study the Gospel and expound its truth and hope for others. Through this program, we equip men and women to be Bible translators for unreached groups of people, sharing Jesus Christ’s love with the world.

Hear from Dr. Sue Edwards, Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership, about the impact of teaching the Bible in its entirety on DTS students.



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Theological Education

DTS prepares students for a lifetime of fruitful ministry. Your support enables us to teach students the Bible and the history of theology, communicate the Bible effectively and lead a local church or other group by means of biblical exposition, leadership skills, evangelism, and service, and grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ through deliberate spiritual development.

See how a theological education at DTS allowed Joseph Ingram, vision pastor at Common Bond Church in Houston, to preach God’s love and compel believers to live holy now.

Sharing His Word

DTS equips students to share the love and hope of the Bible with others around the world.  With your support, we train students to effectively impact people’s lives across the globe with His word in a variety settings and programs. 

See how Chinzo Jargalsiakhan, a gifted and passionate pastor, is being academically and spiritually equipped to lead his people in Mongolia to faith in the Lord Jesus through his studies at DTS.

Stories of Impact

DTS graduate, Tonya Neal, speaks about her experience with domestic violence and how she is answering her calling to minister to domestic violence survivors.


DTS Graduate, Jana Thompson, talks about her journey to DTS and coaching DC students.




 Jalil Dawood tells the story of his journey from refugee to pastor and how DTS helped him to fulfill his life’s mission.

Natasha’s story is a testament to the power of faith, perseverance, and the impact of collective support, transforming a young woman’s dream into a beacon of hope and education for others in South America.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21

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