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Read about supporters who are shaping the lives of our students in Jesus’s name.

Tina Brown

Tina Brown is the president and co-founder of Opened Bible Academy which aims to offer exceptional biblical and theological training to anyone whom God has given the desire at absolutely no cost to the student.

Richard & Sylvia Turpin

Richard and Sylvia Turpin first became familiar with Dallas Theological Seminary as young adults attending Devington/Castleview Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was a meaningful and formative time for the Turpin family.

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Their faith in Christ grew by leaps and bounds, thanks to the preaching and friendship of DTS-trained Donald J. Kouwe (class of 1953) and Worship Pastor Roger Vorholzer. They also enjoyed the books and humor of the late DTS professor Howard Hendricks and the Bible study groups with friends who introduced them to Dallas Seminary’s many resources. 

Over the years, Richard and Sylvia supported many Christian organizations and missionaries, but DTS is the only ministry they chose to include in their will. The Turpin family is honored that this gift will support the Seminary as it continues to equip women and men for Christian ministry worldwide.

Ray & Denise Nixon

DTS has played an integral part in our faith journey for more than thirty years. We are so grateful for the continued focus of the seminary leadership sharing God’s Word with the world! The distinguishing message of the transformational impact of a relationship with Jesus Christ has been spoken without detour for 100 years!!!!

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ALL of God’s word (66 books) is taught in depth by the greatest scholars with the utmost reverence and love of our Creator! The impact of a relationship with our Savior has been enhanced by the instruction, caring, and sharing of the teachers and staff, for which we are so thankful! Seeing how our lives have changed encourages us to share this exceptional seminary’s influence with the world. For this reason, the Nixon family has dedicated time and resources to further expand the reach of the institution’s mission! With this focus, hopefully, truth and love will change families, communities, and the world for eternity!

Jim Beckett

Jim Beckett’s love for Dallas Theological Seminary goes back nearly 45 years. His first Bible was a Ryrie Study Bible, authored by Dr. Charles C. Ryrie, DTS alumnus and professor. He has attended several churches pastored by DTS graduates and has served on the President’s Council while Chuck Swindoll was president.

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One of the distinctions Jim admires most about the seminary is its commitment to teaching the Bible in its entirety. He also appreciates that DTS has remained faithful to God’s Word since its inception. The seminary’s stance on the fundamental doctrines of Scripture has never faltered.

He loves engaging with new and growing ministries, including many that have been started by DTS grads over the years. But, when planning his will, Jim has chosen to focus his charitable giving on DTS. He wants to know that he is investing in a proven ministry with an established history and a bright future.

Jim explains, “Estate planning involves prayerfully making wise investments in faithful ministries. Investing in DTS leverages the Kingdom’s impact of the countless enduring ministries established by graduates for a century! But that leverage is secondary to Dallas Seminary’s unwavering commitment to its original mission—staying true to the Bible, the whole Bible—when our society pushes compromise. Teach Truth, Love Well!”

Jim & Lynn Stroud

Jim and Lynn’s commitment to supporting DTS students not only reflects their dedication to spreading the Gospel but also their vision for nurturing future Christian leaders who are grounded in scripture. Their generous scholarships serve as a powerful testament to the faith-driven stewardship of resources, aiming to equip individuals with the knowledge and faith necessary to lead with integrity and spread God’s love across the globe.

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We are thrilled to share how the Lord has graciously allowed us to establish two student scholarship funds at Dallas Theological Seminary. A number of years ago, we were led to participate with the Seminary in educating students so they could share the love and salvation story of Jesus Christ. 

Our scholarship funds assist students who might not otherwise have the financial means to attend the Seminary; and one has allowed us to honor Lynn’s mom, Jane Denny Mulberry, who loved DTS and was a humble follower of Jesus. 

After receiving letters from scholarship recipients, we realized the eternal investment in extending the Lord’s kingdom was to our benefit as well. Matthew 10:41 teaches that “whoever welcomes a prophet as a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward.” 

Scholarships are one of the best eternal investments you can make on this side of heaven. We look forward to graduation each year and pray for the ministry of the students. And who knows? One of these students may be the next Mark Bailey, Chuck Swindoll or Tony Evans!

There are many ministries which are extending the kingdom of Christ, but if they aren’t established on the sure foundation of God’s Word, they would not be worthy of our giving. Therefore, investing in the education of DTS students is a strategic decision for us. These men and women will be tomorrow’s leaders in churches and parachurch organizations in the US and around the world. With a Dallas Seminary degree in hand, we know for sure that they have learned to Teach Truth and Love Well. 

Lewis G. Whittle

Dallas Theological Seminary caught my attention while attending a church on the perimeter of UCLA’s campus. I followed a large number of students who in the early 1960s altered their career course from Westwood to Dallas. Only God could motivate Dianne and me to take a honeymoon trip to Texas in the sweltering heat of August in a black ’57 Chevy with no A/C! Four years with dynamic classmates and mentor quality professors led us to missions.  

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Last year we retired after 50 years with the Central American Mission (CaminoGlobal now merged with Avant). Throughout these five decades Dallas grads enriched our lives and focused our service on church planting, leadership training, and administration in El Salvador, Spain, and USA Spanish speakers.

During a stint at the mission’s Dallas headquarters, we renewed our relationship with the seminary. Dianne was given an office in the Walvoord Building as the DTS Missionary in Residence and seized the opportunity to earn a MACE—thirty years after my ThM in an all-male school. She befriended many foreign students and developed a TESOL program for the World Missions Department as an associate professor. 

Many Dallas alumni from Mexico, Central America, and Spain now serve in churches and seminaries in the Spanish speaking world. I deeply appreciate Dallas Seminary’s commitment to train leaders from around the world for the benefit of the USA and all nations.

With the seminary conducting classes in Spanish and Mandarin, I feel part of an extensive partnership. At Chantilly Bible Church (VA), where I volunteer, the Chinese and Hispanic membership exceeds 40%.

After year of living with limited missionary support, God provided abundance and even surprised with a surplus. At the stage of life when I officiate the wedding of our eldest grandson, I realize we can assist others besides family. What a responsibility and privilege! As appreciative DTS alumni, part of our giving has always gone to the seminary. Now the Dallas Seminary Foundation makes our financial planning strategic and convenient.

Nathan & Ruth Robinett

Nathan and Ruth Robinett believe the Lord had a hand in their introduction to Dallas Theological Seminary.

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The Robinetts always saw the Lord as the heart of their marriage. “Right from the start, we knew that having active involvement and participation, worshipping together and growing spiritually was going to be a part of our life from the beginning of our marriage,” says Nathan.

When a good friend of Nathan’s invited him to a Bible study with Dr. Baily at the Dallas Country Club, it felt like an act of divine intervention, one that they both felt aligned with their shared love of Christ. 

“We can tell when we’re in a DTS church. They’re in love with the Bible, they’re in love with God, and they make you want to be right there with them,” Ruth says.

The Robinetts

After recognizing and appreciating the love and truth Dallas Theological Seminary instills in its graduates, and after benefitting from their ministry, the Robinetts decided to do more. They wanted to use their material wealth to ensure others would have the opportunity to experience the difference of learning about God and the Gospel from a minister trained at DTS. 

“It’s important that [DTS] trains and arms men and women to go throughout the world to spread the Gospel,” says Nathan. 

Ruth adds, “Investment here through the individuals that go to school here–you can’t even put a price tag on that. It’s salvation for those who come into contact with them. What a wonderful thing to do, to spread God’s word.”

Roy L. Aldrich

After soldiers returned from ‘the war to end all wars,’ prohibition brought turmoil, but the economy boomed. A seemingly indestructible country complacently stood at the threshold of the Great Depression.

And it came about in those days that Dallas Theological Seminary—first known as the Evangelical Theological College—had its birth. And at the end of the first academic cycle, the first student to graduate—a young man named Roy L. Aldrich—crossed the stage to receive his degree.

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Born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in the last year of the nineteenth century, Aldrich saw a tour of duty with the Navy during the First World War. But that experience affected him far less than the change an introduction to Jesus Christ brought about in his life. His new path led to Texas for seminary, which gave him opportunities to serve as a pastor. Yet his passion for Christian education guided most of his career decisions.

The path of following his Lord soon led to Detroit, Michigan. Co-laboring with believers from the Christian Businessmen’s Committee of Detroit, he helped create Detroit Bible College. The school opened its doors to students the year before World War II ended, and Dr. Aldrich steered the institution as president from its infancy for twenty-two years, after which he served as President Emeritus.

His belief in the importance of Christian education compelled him to stand many hours in Detroit pulpits calling people to support God’s work in scholarship. He also lived what he taught, giving whenever possible to various Christian schools, including DTS.

His motivation flowed from a great love of Scripture. Dr. Aldrich preached, wrote, and spoke, lecturing at DTS and at Moody’s Founders’ Week conferences. His book, Holding Fast to Grace, is still in print.

Described as easy to talk to, and a gracious and knowledgeable preacher and teacher, Dr. Aldrich had a dry sense of humor and loved to fish. He was known for wearing a clip-on bow tie, even after doing so fell out of fashion. His passion for teaching the scriptures extended to every age group, so he often brought the children to the front of the church during services for a short object lesson.

His work in the ministry continued even after his retirement and relocation to Florida. There he found a way for local people to receive training in biblical studies in conjunction with Moody’s External studies program. Dr. Aldrich ended his days there, going to be with the Lord at age 99. And his grave inscription expresses his faith: “In thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore” (Ps. 16:11).

The Aldrich family’s past, present, and future relationship with DTS goes on. Our first graduate’s brother, Willard (ThM, 1934; ThB, 1934; ThD, 1936) helped found Multnomah Bible College, serving as its president for thirty-five years (1943–1978). Upon his retirement, his son Joseph (ThM, 1968; ThD, 1971) filled his immense shoes. Other family members who passed through the halls of DTS have included Roy’s nephews, Jon (ThM, 1968) and Tim Aldrich (ThM, 1971; ThD, 1975), and son-in-law Ken Schafer (ThM, 1971).

Before Roy Aldrich entered the Lord’s presence sixteen years ago, he and his second wife, Constance Crawley Aldrich, agreed to create a plan for their support of DTS to outlive them. When she passed away in 2011, their estate gift was distributed to the DTS general fund. The Aldrich family’s legacy of faith continues through their investment in the training of future Christian leaders.

Lee Danis

Lee was married for forty-five years to a very special woman, Susan. Although she was on the quiet side, Susan was influential in starting five ministries in her home church in Nacogdoches, TX. One of them was a chapter of the Ladies Bible Study Fellowship, which she started in her community.

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Susan had a heart for Hispanic people, and this led her to volunteer one night a week teaching English to Spanish-speaking adults. She did this for twelve years. During this time, she became certified as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. When their two daughters left for college, she returned to school to become a fully certified teacher in Spanish.

She then spent the next seven years teaching English to second grade students in a primarily Spanish-speaking school in a nearby town. Susan was so passionate about the Latin American culture that she traveled several times to Mexico and Spain to learn more about the culture.

Susan and Lee have been supporters of Dallas Theological Seminary for over forty-five years and have appreciated the excellent way it trained and prepared students for ministry. Susan spent her last seven years battling dementia and passed away in 2016. As a memorial to his dear wife, Lee created a scholarship fund for students in the DTS en Español program to be funded with annual gifts and a gift in his will. Each recipient will receive a note from him explaining his reasons for setting up this fund. After his death, his two daughters will coordinate with Dallas Seminary on this scholarship fund. The recipients will receive the following note.

As I have given thought and prayer about the best way to honor Susan’s memory, I decided to provide financial assistance to students like you who are from a Hispanic culture. I trust the financial assistance will enable you to complete your education at Dallas Theological Seminary and prepare you for your future ministry. I know this would please Susan very much, and she is likely smiling down from heaven, agreeing with this assistance and your work for the Lord.
Sincerely yours,
Lee Danis
October 10, 2018

“We can tell when we’re in a DTS church. They’re in love with the Bible, they’re in love with God, and they make you want to be right there with them.”

-Ruth Robinett

Drs. Paul and Kathryn Wilson

Over the years, we have developed a close relationship with the Dallas Seminary Foundation. They will help with gifts to both DTS and non-DTS charities. They have been invaluable in helping us craft our estate planning.

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We are Paul and Kathryn Wilson, retired physicians. Kathryn grew up in a church pastored by Dallas graduates. Dr. David Cotton was the senior pastor, and Chaplin Bill Bryan started his first ministry after graduating from DTS as the Youth pastor for Kathryn’s church, where Dr. Michael Lawson was the associate pastor. She and Dr. Mark Hitchcock grew up together in the same Sunday School class from the nursery through high school. Kathryn didn’t realize until well into adulthood that not everyone was pre-trib and pre-millennial!

Paul has grown to love the wonderful people of DTS as well as appreciate the excellent teaching and high standards they maintain.

We have had the privilege of financially supporting the seminary since 1989, when we first visited the campus. Over the years, we have developed a close relationship with the Dallas Seminary Foundation. They will help with gifts to both DTS and non-DTS charities. They have been invaluable in helping us craft our estate planning. They work to maximize your giving to take advantage of current tax codes and to maximize what you give to both charity and family. Since they are a ministry they do not charge for their services. They keep us updated on their program and the activities of DTS at an annual program at the T bar M ranch near San Antonio, TX. During the weekend, they have excellent teaching from the President and other staff and graduates that have gone on to ministries in many areas. It is always a refreshing and fun time. What better to do than get together with other members of the body to learn and praise Him! The Foundation is there also to help us and answer questions we might have. They are available by phone or email as needed.

We have traveled often with the DTS travel program and have done all the tours including the Holy Land, Travels of Paul and both the German/Swiss Reformation and the English Reformation. We have enjoyed the fellowship and great learning opportunities to travel with Dr. Bailey and a number of excellent professors.

We feel DTS is fully dedicated to Biblical inerrancy and Biblical teaching of students who preach God’s Word throughout the world as both pastors and teachers. In particular we are excited about the ongoing plan to translate their teaching into multiple languages. They have a Spanish and Chinese curriculum and are working on Arabic. We feel blessed to be a part of this ministry with a rich history and bright future. We trust the Lord to use our annual gifts and estate gift to DTS in a way that will be a blessing long after we are gone.

Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Norman E. Miller

Norman E. Miller, Chairman and CEO of Interstate Battery Systems of America, Inc. based in Dallas, TX, believes that supporting our mission has helped him accomplish two very important life goals. 

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In his own words: Working with the Foundation team enabled me to reach two of my ‘bottom line’ financial goals—my family will be taken care of adequately, and God is being glorified as many of the resources He has provided are being funneled right back to Him through quality Christian ministries. The spiritual emphasis included in their work was both unique and very helpful.

The spiritual emphasis included in their work was both unique and very helpful.”

Norman E. Miller

Dr. J. Y. Jones

J. Y. Jones, M.D. was able to retire from his career as a surgeon for Dublin Eye Associates in Dublin, GA to become a medical minister — thanks in part to help from the Dallas Seminary Foundation.  

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In his own words: “The Dallas Seminary Foundation was a big help to my wife and me in a number of ways. Even though we already had wills and multiple trusts, the Foundation helped us organize our thinking, define where we were versus where we wanted to be, and set up a program that involves significant giving to the Lord’s work while more than adequately providing for our children. In addition, they assisted us in setting up a plan to phase me out of my practice and into full-time ministry as a medical missionary in Central America.”

“[T]he Foundation helped us organize our thinking, define where we were versus where we wanted to be, and set up a program that involves significant giving to the Lord’s work while more than adequately providing for our children.”

J.Y. Jones, M.D.

M. Sanders

I was first “introduced” to DTS about 25 years ago when I heard Dr. Bruce Wilkinson speak at a Christian Business Leaders conference I attended.  I was impressed with a story he told about Dr. John Mitchell (both Dr. Wilkinson and Dr. Mitchell were “DTSers” as I like to call them). 

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In the story Dr. Wilkinson asks Dr. Mitchell to teach him the Bible the way he knew it.  Dr. Mitchell politely declined but added, “I’ll tell you what I will do, I’ll help you fall more in love with Jesus, and the rest will take care of itself.”  I have never forgotten that story and I’ve told it many, many times. 

Since then, I began notice a pattern.  It seems that just about anytime I read a commentary or hear a meaningful exposition of the Scriptures, more often or not, I learn that the speaker was trained at Dallas Theological Seminary.  I can honestly say that I have been more positively influenced with deep Biblical training by people who have attended school there than by any other single source.  So much so that I will often seek out a person who attended school there if I have a question that needs a serious answer. 

In the past few years, I have come to know some of the current faculty and staff at DTS and find them to be delightful, well-spoken people of our Lord.  I am happy to call them “my friends.”  For these reasons I decided to name DTS in my will and have named them as POD or TOD of some of my investment accounts. I encourage others to prayerfully consider investing in their important work as well.

— M Sanders

Jim Phillips

I first became aware of Dallas Seminary while I was studying engineering at Texas A&M.  I became a Christian during my sophomore year and attended a church in Bryan, TX pastored by a Dallas grad.  Since I was in the Corps at A&M, I felt God leading me to become an army chaplain.

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When I graduated, I enrolled at Dallas Seminary in 1967, majoring in Theology.  Being a new Christian among many Bible-trained students, it required lots of study and learning.  God provided, and I graduated in 1971 with a ThM.  I became a USAR chaplain and Christian school teacher and headmaster.  God again intervened and closed both doors and opened a door through my engineering degree.  I became an energy engineer working for Lone Star Gas and later TXU.  God also used me during those years tutoring in West Dallas.  When I retired from corporate engineering, God opened a pastorate for me at three retirement centers in Dallas, in which I am presently engaged.

I love Dallas Seminary because of its true stance on the Bible and salvation by faith through Jesus Christ alone.  I was trained well.  I had some of the best and hardest professors.  Thank you all!

I have regularly donated to Dallas Seminary over the years, but God again intervened last year, leading Kevin Kurtz to contact me about a Foundation gift.  Since God has blessed me with financial means, I felt it was time to do more for Dallas Seminary. Having been a student, I know that most need financial assistance; more today than in the 70’s, and especially this year during Covid.  Having retired with a stable retirement income and fewer expenses during Covid, I was convinced to increase my giving this year. 

Dallas Seminary can train men and women only if they can afford to stay in school; and Dallas Seminary can train these people of God only if it can stay financially solvent.  So I recommend that each Christian consider giving more of their financial blessings to the seminary and its students.  Where else and how else can you reach the world with the Word of God in the present and for the future than through Dallas Seminary?  Yes, there are other ministries, but God has and continues to spread His Word through the Seminary and its students.

You can name DTS in your will, establish a scholarship, open a Charitable Gift Anuity, and/or set up a Donor Advised Fund with the Foundation.  I have, and God has given me peace and happiness in helping Dallas Seminary and its students.

“I love Dallas Seminary because of its true stance on the Bible and salvation by faith through Jesus Christ alone.  I was trained well.  I had some of the best and hardest professors.  Thank you all.”

Jim Phillips

George and Joyce Swayne

We first engaged with Dallas Theological Seminary through mutual friends, Sylvia and Rich Budd.  Sylvia and Joyce were in the same garden club in Winston-Salem, NC, and we found out from Sylvia that DTS was taking a trip to Israel. 

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Barry and I had wanted to go to Israel for years, and each time we were ready to try, we had elderly family to take care of who needed us.

Joyce was very familiar with Dr. Charles Swindoll’s books and had listened many times to David Jeremiah over the years.

We have grown very fond of the seminary, its fine teachers and wonderful professors, and its mission to equip young pastors to serve the Lord around the world.  We support DTS because we believe in its values and the trainings students receive from the seminary.  A few years ago, we drove out to see DTS and hear Dr. Swindoll welcome the new classes in his prayer morning.  Dear Kim Till took us on a tour of the campus, and we liked sitting in two classes and being a part of the campus life.

We certainly do encourage others about DTS and have enjoyed having friends come on their wonderful tours.  We have been to Scotland and the British Isles with Dr. John Hannah, to Israel on two trips with Dr. Charles Dyer, Dr. Mark Bailey, and Dr. Mark Yarbrough, Dr. Stephen Bramer, the last Israel trip we took our 6 grandchildren, to the New England tour visiting Jonathan Edward’s home and the Again trips visiting Patmos and Turkey and Greece.  The experiences we have had we will always treasure in our hearts.  The teaching from all the professors has made the Bible come alive for us.

We chose to support DTS prayerfully and by the establishment of 4 charitable gift annuities, because of its fine leadership and the friendships we have made.  DTS is a shining light in spreading God’s word.

Phil Rawley

My first contact with Dallas Seminary was through a book on theology by DTS professor, Dr. Charles Ryrie, who later became a close friend and mentor during my student days and beyond. The bio on the back of the book noted that Dr. Ryrie taught at DTS. I made a mental note.

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Soon after that, I attended a regional Campus Crusade for Christ meeting where the featured speaker was a DTS student. We talked, and he encouraged me to check the school out. I came for two classes in the summer of 1975, and applied for the Th.M. program. I began in 1976 and graduated in 1980.

My love for DTS may be obvious, given the lasting mark it has made on my life. I love our school’s commitment to the truth of Scripture, and unwavering dedication to teaching the Bible clearly and accurately. My training equipped me for my lifelong work of studying and writing about the Bible as an editor and writer.

Today my wife and I are regular supports of DTS because of its vital work of preparing the next generation of Bible teachers, pastors, missionaries, and other servants to faithfully proclaim the gospel and build up the church of Jesus Christ around the world. We know that our support is changing lives and equipping students for lifetimes of service to Christ.

I encourage you to join us in generous support of DTS. The work our school is doing is more strategic than ever as society continues to drift from and deny the truths of Scripture. DTS stands as a light in an ever-darkening world.

            My wife Sarah and I believe so strongly in what DTS is doing that we have included it in our will, to help ensure that this ministry continues strong until the Lord returns.

“My love for DTS may be obvious, given the lasting mark it has made on my life. I love our school’s commitment to the truth of Scripture, and unwavering dedication to teaching the Bible clearly and accurately.”

-Phil Rawley

Walter and Jean Marie Anderson

We are grateful that, through the ministries of graduates of Dallas Theological Seminary, three generations of our family found Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. This became especially meaningful to us when we lost our young son to cancer at age 13. 

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Watching him depend upon the Lord for strength and knowing that we will see him again in heaven led us to establish a scholarship in his name with the DTS Foundation. Through the competent management of the dedicated Foundation staff, many young people have been helped to receive a theological education and return to their home countries to share Christ, where He is little known. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you have been a part of sharing God’s love. We would encourage others to do the same.

Spencer and Patti Elrod

We first became acquainted with the Seminary in the late 1970’s through our church where we joined a Sunday School class taught by Don Campbell and were richly blessed by his teaching.

Later, we enrolled in Lay Institute classes and had the privilege of being taught by outstanding and Godly men in those classes.

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These and other experiences led us to believe that DTS is the place we want to support with our estate plan. 

Our plan is still under development and we appreciate the work of the foundation staff to help us along our journey.  Through their thoughtful suggestions we have used a Charitable Gift Annuity and have specified a portion of our estate be used for seminary scholarships in honor of our long time friend Don Campbell.

We have worked with foundation staff to create that plan and are certain this is the place God would have us entrust all that He has given us over our lifetime.

“Our plan is still under development and we appreciate the work of the foundation staff to help us along our journey.  Through their thoughtful suggestions we have used a Charitable Gift Annuity and have specified a portion of our estate be used for seminary scholarships in honor of our long time friend Don Campbell.”

Spencer and Patti Elrod

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